Building Project


The items listed below are a list of improvements that will be included within the scope of the building project at both buildings.  These items will be addressed regardless of whether there is a building switch.  The driving factor in the replacement/installation of the items listed below are due to the age of the various systems, needs of the district, and/or ADA compliance issues.

Areas of Improvement at the Current Elementary/Middle School:
*Creation of secure building entrances which include office relocations
*Necessary improvements to the current fire alarm system
*Installation/Repair of outside lighting
*Replacement of underground oil tanks
*Refinishing of gym floor and installation of new bleachers
*Replacement of flooring where asbestos is present, and where carpeting needs repair due to wear
*Necessary improvements to HVAC system
*Replace ceiling tiles as needed
*Selective painting as needed
*Installation of portable chair lift
*Masonry work as needed
*Necessary improvements electrical system and lighting
*Repair of the public address/bell system
*Installation of an emergency generator
*Plumbing replacement as needed
*Installation of a new automatic master clock system
*Installation of a sound system in gymnasium
*ADA configurations
*Fire rated corridor doors and ADA door hardware

Areas of Improvement at the Current High School:

*Creation of secure building entrances which include office modifications
*ADA configurations
*Replacement of underground oil tanks
*Refinish stage floor and replace gym padding
*Replace stage chair lift
*Replace 80 Ton Chiller
*Necessary HVAC upgrades
*Replace the pneumatic control system with a direct digital control system and add head controls
*Replace emergency generator
*Installation of an automatic master clock system
*Improvements to the public address system as needed
*Modifications to create restrooms that are ADA compliant
*Installation of ADA door levers

Estimated Timeline for the Building Project:

​October 2018 - School Board authorization to advertise bids for the building projects
November 2018 - Receipt of Bids
December 2018 - Award Bids (Decide to go with Base bid 1 or Base bid 2)
January 2019 - Shop drawings begin
February - May 2019 - Ordering materials and site set-up
June 2019 - Construction begins

To Switch or Not to Switch...

A building switch can offer many educational benefits for the students at Weatherly but there is a cost involved.  While the exact numbers are not known yet and won't be until the bids are received - here are some of the benefits to doing a building switch:

1.  Improved safety in our buildings - There are events that take place during school hours and after the High School lets out where other students, coaches, officials, etc... are entering the current Elementary/Middle School while school is still in session.

2.  A large group instruction/common area where representatives from colleges, military, trade schools and businesses can come into the school to talk to larger groups of students as well as hosting competitions.  Currently the High School has no common area that can accommodate more than one classroom full of students other than the cafeteria and gymnasium.  Often times these locations are being used for the purposes they were designed for leaving the High School students no alternative other than using the Elementary/Middle school LGI (Large Group Instruction) room.  

3.  A Career Center - The current High School has a guidance office but not a dedicated area in which they can work with the Guidance Counselor for the purposes of career selection.  Career centers include resources on colleges, computers to aide in research and tools to help students guide their selections for the future.

4.  A dedicated area for small group instruction.  Currently the High School students have no designated area where a small group of students can work independently.  This type of area is needed to make up tests, small group presentation work, etc...  An updated media center will have designated areas in which students can do these types of activities while still under the supervision of a teacher.

5.  A media center designed to promote learning for the 21st Century.  With a one button studio, green room, designated STEM area, digital books, media lab and more.  Multiple classes can be using the media center at the same time, independent learning areas for students to use for testing, on-line learning or just quiet space.  There will be a media center built regardless of whether the buildings are switched or not.  The size and what is included in the media center will differ depending on the grade levels it will be used for.  Please check out the video below labeled "Media Center" for a preview of what the media center will look like for Middle School/High School.

6.  Student Commons area - The focus of the student commons area would be to allow for collaboration.  This type of unique space allows for social interaction outside of the cafeteria where the focus is on learning.  Students and even classrooms can collaborate on projects together as well as small groups or even individual students using technology to enhance their own learning.  A student commons area for the high school would include a small café that would be run by the students to allow for before and after school snacks.  Please see the video below labeled "Student Commons" for a preview of what the student commons area will look like for the Middle School/High School.

7.  Science Center - The current High School science rooms have fixed labs/tables in them that can't be altered in any way.  Updated science rooms would allow for movable furniture to be used that would allow for more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities to take place.  State of the art technology in combination with movable furniture would give the science instructors the needed flexibility to alter their instruction to include virtual labs as well as collaborative projects.  Please see the video below labeled "Science Lab" for a preview of what the science rooms will look like for the High School.

8.  The music, gym, and technology education facilities at the current Elementary/Middle School were designed for Middle School and High School use.  Please see the photo gallery for comparisons.

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